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10 Ways to Use Privacy Screens in Your Backyard

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10 Ways to Use Privacy Screens in Your Backyard

Backyard privacy screens are an elegant way to divide the property and shield aspects of the home from plain sight. Slats and louvres are the most popular style of privacy screens, which offer privacy and separation without compromising on good looks.

From backyard gardens, to carports and side entrances – privacy screens blend in with a range of areas around the home.

Here are 10 ways you can integrate a privacy screen into your home:

1. Privacy for Entertainment Areas

A privacy screen is a great alternative to solid boundary fencing. The texture on the slats and louvres make the area feel more open and connected to the outside world. Meanwhile, you’ll still enjoy the privacy of an entertainment area, which is ideal for BBQs and social gatherings.

2. Screen Hot Water Systems

Want to keep your unsightly hot water system out of sight? An enclosed installation will keep your hot water utility safe and accessible, while enhancing the appearance of the outside space.

3. Shield the Air Conditioner

A modern slat or louvre fixture can hide your unsightly appliance. Whether installed as a standalone fixture or part of another fence, a privacy screen will keep your air conditioner well-hidden.

4. Screen the Gas Meter

Want to hide your gas meter from sight and keep it accessible? Replace your grey utility, with a powder-coated steel boundary in one of many vibrant colours. It will provide safe access for technicians while enhancing the appearance of your home.

5. Cover the Pool Filter

Pool filters are an important utility for running an outdoor pool. However, its unsightly appearance can make it an eyesore in the backyard. An attractive and accessible boundary will keep your pool area looking great and functional all year long.

6. Divide the Backyard

A screen that divides the backyard can improve the flow of traffic and offer privacy for certain areas. Create a beautiful centrepiece with your choice of colours and designs. Why not go further with a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement to make it truly stand out?

7. Decoration Piece

Slats and louvres are a unique touch for a Colorbond boundary fence. They are a great decorative piece that will stand out and impress your neighbours. Plus, the contrast against the solid boundary wall is a pleasing visual touch.

8. Increased Height

Not only are slats and louvres stylish, they can increase the height of Colorbond fencing. Instead of obstructing the view, the screen provides a brief glimpse into the outside world while keeping the backyard private.

9. Divide the Yard for Nanny Flats

Nanny flats are becoming a common feature for the Australian home. For those who need privacy but want to minimise the disruption of the landscape, a privacy screen is a friendlier alternative to solid fencing.

10. Fill in Carports and Brick Pillars

Privacy screens are extremely versatile and can be found in many areas around the home. Love the roof over your carport, but need boundaries on the side? A privacy screen will keep your vehicle secure and make for an attractive centrepiece in the carport.

If you have brick fencing alongside your home, backyard privacy screens can help fill the gaps in a number of decorative ways.

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