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Are Automatic Gates Secure?

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Automatic gates are one of the safest, most effective ways to protect your home or business.

They not only serve as a physical barrier between you and a potential intruder, but they also help protect your children and pets – by preventing them from accidentally wandering out on to the street – and enable you to closely monitor who enters and leaves your premise.

Furthermore, automatic gates can alert you to the presence of would-be intruders (before they even gain entry), thanks to the use of additional security features like cameras and motion sensors.

Regardless of what you want out of an automatic gate, you are probably wondering just how secure they really are.

To help you answer this question, this article will break down the many ways in which an automatic gate can protect your property, as well as your personal or business-related goods, without requiring you to keep an eye on the place 24/7.

Save Time and Hassle

Obviously, an automatic gate helps establish a secure barrier between you and the outside world. But so does a manual gate. So why settle for an automatic one?

By far, one of the best reasons to invest in an automatic gate, is so that you can restrict vehicle and pedestrian access during all hours of the day, without having to manually open and close the gate.

This is because, the fact of the matter is, many people who purchase a large, manual gate, eventually get sick of having to open it all the time. So, after a while, they simply resort to leaving it open; thus, putting them at risk of a potential security threat.

By having an automatic gate, one that lets you remotely monitor and control the gate from afar, you can avoid the hassle of having to manually open and close it every single time.

For instance, you can install a keypad at the front of your automatic gate, which has a unique code that only you and a select group of trusted individuals can use. As a result of having this keypad, you can relax knowing that only people who know and trust are entering the premise, and you will save precious time as well.

Are automatic gates really secure? To find out how an automatic gate can secure your premise, contact Dunn & Farrugia today.

Protection from brute force entry attempts

Sure, automatic gates are strong and sturdy, but how much force can they really withstand?

Depending on the build quality and material of your automatic gate, technically, it may be possible for an intruder to brute force the gate open, and gain access to your property.

Fortunately, by installing an electric lock – or better yet, a magnetic lock – on to your automatic gate, this can add an extra layer of security, and make it much harder for a potential intruder to brute force the gate open.

Installing a gate with high quality hinges will also greatly reduce the likelihood of a manual intrusion attempt being successful. This is a great benefit for swinging automatic gates, as it means a potential intruder will not be able to separate the hinges from the fixture in order to gain access.

Another excellent way to keep your home and business safe is to invest in an automatic sliding gate.

These gates are effective, because, the only way a brute force attempt would be successful, is if the potential intruder was able to separate the sliding gate from the track in which the gate is placed on. Considering how unlikely this would be to pull off, the chances of a successful intrusion are slim.

Monitor who enters and leaves the premise

Secure automatic gates can be installed with a wide range of extra features in order to keep your home or business safe.

By pairing your automatic gate with cameras, motion sensors, keypads, and an intercom system, who can not only visually identify a visitor before you let them inside, you can communicate with them via the intercom system using your voice.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that only trusted individuals can enter your premise. And, even if you’re away, when paired up with our property’s existing alarm and security system, if an intruder was to try and enter the premise, you can be instantly notified, and then respond accordingly to the situation.

These are just some of the many ways that an automatic gate can keep your home or business secure.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to request a free, no-obligation quote from us, contact Dunn & Farrugia today. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements, and propose a custom solution that fits your needs and budget.

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