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How to Block Your Neighbours ViewWith an Outdoor Privacy Screen

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There are many ways to block the neighbours view into your home. You can plant trees around the perimeter. Perhaps some bamboo for a natural and ‘less enclosed’ feel. Or even a stunning water feature to make your outdoor space stand out.

But, if you just want a plain, simple and reliable screen, one that will form a clear border between you and your neighbour, an outdoor privacy screen is a great choice.

Read on to learn about the different types of privacy screens, including their uses and benefits. Hopefully, with this information, you can then choose a border that suits your needs and budget.

And, if you have any questions on adding privacy to your home – chat to the experts at Dunn & Farrugia today.

Privacy Screens and Louvres

Privacy screens are comprised of horizontal or vertical slats (or louvres), with barely visible gaps between each slat. The louvres can be fixed or adjusted, allowing you to determine sunlight direction and airflow. Privacy screens can be installed as part of an existing fence, or as a standalone screen. This gives you the freedom to install them in key areas, big or small, where privacy is a top priority.

Aside from being very versatile, privacy screens are durable and easy to personalise. You can choose from a range of powder coated finishes to blend in with the colour and style of your home and its features. Furthermore, the powder coating finish protects the surface from rust, corrosion, warping and fading; ensuring a long, healthy lifespan.

Of course, outdoor privacy screens can also be installed with matching gates, serving as a secure, convenient entrance between the front and back yard.

Want to increase the height and privacy of an existing fence? Privacy screens can be installed to sit atop most popular fencing styles. Fixed and adjustable louvres are still an option here too.

Aluminium TimberSLAT™

A great cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easy to care for alternative to real wooden fencing

TimberSLAT™ from Dunn & Farrugia has a ‘life-like’ grain finish, one that captures the natural beauty of real timber. The slats are made from 100 percent recyclable materials, which helps reduce the production of unnecessary waste. The slats also powder coated, which produces a hard-wearing and durable surface that is tougher than conventional paint.

With minimal gaps between each slat, this allows enough sunlight to filter through yet still block the neighbour’s view. You can also couple the TimberSLAT™ fence with other fence types. For example, you can enhance the privacy of your TimberSLAT™ fence with extra louvres on top.

Best of all? The convincing wood grain finish complements a range of property styles, whether it be traditional or classic and contemporary. Your family and friends will be impressed!

Panel Walls WALLMAX®

What sets a WALLMAX® panel wall apart from other outdoor privacy screens?

First off, the modular panels are set between large pillar-style posts with cappings. This means you can customise the height of each post to accommodate for changes in terrain like slopes or dips. So, even if your landscaping requirements are unique, you can set up a WALLMAX® panel wall pretty much wherever privacy is a concern.

Secondly, they look great. WALLMAX® panel walls look the same on both sides of the fence. You can enhance their appearance and privacy with fixed or adjustable louvres on top. Plus, they come in a range of stylish colours inspired by the Australian outback and suburbs, letting you choose a tone that sets the perfect scene.

Finally, they serve as a great noise barrier. You not only enjoy the benefits of added privacy, but also greater peace and quiet in your outdoor space.As a result, you’ll be seen as a great neighbour, one that respects the lifestyle and wellbeing of your fellow neighbours.

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