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How to Choose the Best Privacy Screens for Your Outdoor Space

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how to choose the best privacy screen

We all want a nice outdoor area to call our own. A place to unwind after a hard day’s work. Somewhere to spend time with the kids and entertain friends on the weekend. A privacy screen is the best way to do the things you love in private – without having to sacrifice good looks. But how do find the best privacy screens? And who should you trust to install yours?

Ask Yourself, “Why Do I Want a Privacy Screen?”

Before ordering a new privacy screen, you should first consider what you hope to achieve from getting one. Most people install a privacy screen to avoid being seen by their neighbours. However, there are many other benefits to gain from installing one:

Whether your priority is privacy, good looks or functionality – the best privacy screens will help you achieve these goals. If you’re unsure, a qualified installer can help you make the right choice based on your situation.

Become Familiar with the Council Laws

A privacy screen can dramatically change the appearance and layout of a building. Therefore, the construction of privacy screens is regulated by the local council. Each State and Territory council has their own rules in regards to installing privacy screens, which you should become familiar with.

Below are a few guidelines that every State and Territory follow. Keep in mind that the rules may vary between each State and Territory, so refer to your local council for more information.

These are a few common guidelines that apply to most States and Territories:

No matter who you approach to install a privacy screen, the installer must have a good understanding of the building regulations for your local area.

Hire a Reputable Installer

Now you know where to install your privacy screen, you need a qualified installer to do it.

Any reputable installer you approach will be happy to showcase their portfolio for you. For most businesses, this will be an online portfolio with photos of successful projects. Ask to see specific examples of work that is relevant to your project – in this case, examples of the best privacy screens.

To assure you’re getting a fully qualified tradesperson, make sure the installer has the following certifications and documents:

Any service you hire should come with a workmanship guarantee and warranty for all products or materials they use.

Get a Free Measure and Quote

The first meeting with an installer gives you the chance to explain your vision and get advice from an expert. You’ll be able to ask questions to learn whether the project is viable or not.

If your project is viable, the installer will provide you with a colour consultation, measurements and a cost estimation for the entire job.

This should be an obligation-free meeting at no cost to you. Only trust the best suppliers to get the best privacy screens for your home or commercial building. Avoid any installer who insists on payment before you fully understand what you’re getting!

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