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Pool Fence Design Ideas to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

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Pool Fence Design Ideas

Pool Fence Design Ideas to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Safety and good looks are the two primary concerns of having a pool fence. Ideally, you want a fence that serves as a secure barrier and restricts unwanted access, yet also complements the layout and architecture of the surrounding space. 

The good news? Modern pool fencing can give you the best of both worlds. These days, you can choose from a range of designs, materials, profiles, and styles of gates in order to meet your security needs and personal taste. Whether you desire a classic or contemporary look, you’re guaranteed to find something that catches your eye.

But with so many options it can be hard to make the right choice. Here are several pool fence design ideas to inspire your imagination and help you make an informed decision.

Glass Fencing

If you want to have a clear view of your surroundings – combined with a minimal design that will never go out of style – then consider durable glass fences

Why? For starters, the clear glass panels make it easy to admire your outdoor space and keep an eye on your loved ones at all times. Secondly, the toughened glass is extremely durable and – in the unlikely event of breakage – the panels will shatter into tiny granules to reduce the risk of injury. Finally, glass fencing is easy to maintain, as all of the fixtures are corrosion-resistant, and you can quickly clean the glass panels with water and dishwashing liquid.

Best of all? The minimum design means that glass fencing is versatile enough to match any style of property.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Classic design, low maintenance, and a variety of colours and finishes on offer. Aluminium fencing has gradually become a popular staple in Australian homes due to its corrosion-resistant properties, lightweight nature, and high durability.

While the appearance gives off the feel of a metal fence, this proves looks can be deceiving. That’s because the durable aluminium is treated with powder coating to resist atmospheric corrosion. This way, the fence can retain its good looks for longer with very little maintenance required. 

Better still, the vertical bars offer a traditional look that blends in with a range of property styles. It also helps that you can choose from a dynamic range of colours to match your home.

Best of all? From a safety perspective, as long as the fence is installed far away enough from a climbable zone, it is impossible to climb the vertical bars on their own. So your pets and children will be safe all-year round!

View these images to discover the full range of pool fence design ideas.

Boundary Fencing

While this type of border is less common than aluminium and glass fencing, boundary fencing has a number of unique benefits. Thanks to the presence of steel fence sheets, it offers a level of privacy and intimacy that no offer type of fence can deliver. So they’re a fantastic way to shield prying eyes and set up your own private outdoor paradise.

Another benefit to boundary fencing is the unique design possibilities. You can plant a variety of poolside plants around the pool to cover up the blank slate of the boundary fence. Some good examples include cactuses and succulents, fig trees, weaver’s bamboo, and magnolia. You can even hang some of these plants over the side of the boundary fence for a unique touch!

Furthermore, boundary fencing is easy to maintain and resistant to termites and bushfire. Available in up to 23 designer colours, boundary fencing is extremely versatile and can blend in seamlessly with any outdoor space. 

To top it off, your satisfaction is guaranteed in the form of a 10 year BlueScope Steel warranty.

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