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The 4 Most Popular Colorbond Fencing Colours According to Aussie Homeowners

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most popular colorbond fencing colours

A boundary fence is one of the most popular installations for the home. They offer privacy and separation from neighbours and blend in seamlessly with your outdoor features. Most impressive of all is the Colorbond colours, which let you express yourself freely in the comfort of your entertainment area.

As one of Australia’s trusted suppliers of boundary fencing, Colorbond Steel gives homeowners the chance to configure their outdoor space in a variety of ways. With a range of tones inspired by the colours of Australia, you can enjoy a taste of the outback life or the urban sprawl – the choice is yours.

However, this freedom can make the choice a bit tricky.

The solution? Get a colour consultation with a trusted fencing installer. With experience in creating unique living spaces, you’ll get colour brochures that demonstrate the potential of your vision and feedback to help you make an informed choice.

Before booking an obligation free meeting with your supplier, take a look at the many Colorbond colours that are in fashion for Aussie homeowners. These colours are not a definitive list of the best colours, but they can help you get inspiration or ideas for your own home.

Woodland Grey®

Inspired by the depths of a cool green forest, this colour is ideal for those want a simple, yet timeless look for their home. The subtle hints of green and brown contrast nicely with lighter exterior walls. Plus, it enhances the look of doors and window frames with a similar colour tone.


This tone is a more neutral and urban-inspired look for the household. The colour is bold, striking and versatile enough to match a variety of light exterior walls. For a piece of the city to bring into the suburbs – this tone will make you feel right at home.


Want to be closer to nature? This soft and light Colorbond colour is inspired by the green hues of the rivergum. Its presence lifts the mood in any outdoor space, establishing a gentle and peaceful ambience. If you have roller doors, gates or gutters with a similar green hue – this new addition will blend in perfectly.


Earth tones are a popular choice among homeowners right now. They are simple, versatile and instantly lighten the mood. This tone evokes feelings of warmth and comfort that might remind you of a hot tropical summer. Whether matched with your current features or a standalone colour, the warmth and vibrancy will lift the mood in your little paradise.

The Choice is Yours

With a close connection to the Australian way of life, a versatile and simple appearance – it’s clear to see why Aussie homeowners love surrounding themselves in these colours.

Starting to feel inspired by the range of Colorbond colours? Check out the ColorMAX® colour brochure to discover the full range of colours and fencing enhancements available to you.

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