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The Advantages of a Colorbond Gate

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advantages of a colorbond gate

Renowned for their durability, evolving range of colours and styles – Colorbond is one brand Australians continue to trust.

Over the years, Colorbond fencing and gates have become a popular choice for homeowners. Considering they offer increased privacy, protection against the elements and are low maintenance – it’s clear to see why.

What makes COLORBOND® steel so unique? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of a Colorbond gate:

Made for Australian Conditions

Australia is comprised of various climates that include hot and dry summers, mild winters and tropical humid conditions.

Colorbond regularly tests each and every product in different parts of Australia and controlled laboratory settings. By exposing each product to extreme heat and cold, rainfall, hail, wind and dust, Colorbond come up with the patented Activate® technology.

What is Activate® technology? A unique combination of a steel base, pre-treatment and coatings that provide advanced corrosion resistance, fire protection and resistance to surface damage like chipping, flaking and peeling.

This advanced technology ensures any Colorbond gate maintains its pristine look through all seasons.

Bushfire Protection

Anyone living in bushfire prone areas will do anything they can to protect their family and property investment.

What advantages does a Colorbond gate offer in a bushfire situation?

The secret lies in Colorbond’s advanced pre-painted and metallic coated sheet steel. According to the CSIRO, when exposed to a 30 minute flame immersion test, these materials “…offer greater protection to people’s homes against bushfires.”

With a protective boundary to slow down the progress of a bushfire, emergency services have more time to respond and your family can escape safely.

Low Maintenance

Wood fences are prone to all kinds of damage. Surface growth of mould and mildew, paint chipping, and the build-up of dirt or grime.

Who has time to worry about these problems? Get yourself a Colorbond gate to avoid these issues.

Colorbond gates only need cleaning every six months with fresh water. That’s right – no need to buy special cleaning products or equipment. Simply rinse with water and wipe to remove any signs of cobwebs or dirt.

What could be easier than that?

Covered by Warranty

The Bluescope steel warranty covers a diverse range of Colorbond products.

With a few mouse clicks, you can activate your warranty through a secure online portal.

Do you have any concerns about your Colorbond gate? You can make a claim online and speak to the BlueScope steel team over the phone.

All claims are handled by a Warranty Management Specialist, who will gladly visit you onsite to assess the condition of your Colorbond product.

Want to learn more about the advantages of a Colorbond gate? Contact us for a no-obligation site inspection from a licensed professional.

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