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The Best Colorbond Fence Colours

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colorbond fence colours

Considering a Colorbond Fence?

Here are Some of the Best and Most Popular Colorbond Fence Colours on Offer for You.

For over 50 years COLORBOND® steel fencing has been celebrated for its unrivalled strength, outstanding weather performance, and effortlessly good looks. It’s no wonder people around the country place their trust in Colorbond to keep their homes and businesses secure. Not only do they provide maximum security and privacy but they also make your property look pretty good too!

To help your property look its absolute best, Colorbond has 14 inspiring fence colours to choose from. All of these colours are inspired by the colours of Australia, which range from the outback and desert sands through to the sprawling metropolitan suburbs. So, no matter where you live, you’re guaranteed to find a Colorbond fence colour that suits your personal taste and style of property.

If you’d like to update your property with a new Colorbond steel fence, but you’re unsure which colour is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you some of the best and most popular colours on offer, which will help you make an informed choice when you decide to place an order.

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According to the Colorbond website Dune, “…is a warm, pale grey that invokes feelings of balance and neutrality…” and “… it is associated with the dusty earth of the Australian bushland…” 

Featuring a pleasant light tone and an uncanny resemblance to natural granite rock and stone, this Colorbond fence colour is very versatile. It is ideal if you want to cherish a piece of the Australian outback yet also complement the look and feel of your modern home at the same time. Not to mention, the bold earthy tone is a fitting way to match the strength and durability of the fence itself.

Pale Eucalypt®

Inspired by the native eucalyptus leaf, Pale Eucalypt effortlessly captures the essence of the grassy Australian outback. The gentle, muted hue is both eye-catching yet also soft enough to blend in with the surroundings, making it a surprisingly versatile colour with a lot of personality. It’s surely an inviting colour that will help your premise stand out from the rest for all the right reasons.


Described as ‘unashamedly a city colour,’ Monument is a smart alternative to straight black, one that perfectly imitates the striking bold tones of the Australian suburbs and metropolitan cities. If your property is predominantly made up of lighter shades and colours, then Monument will serve as a great contrast to help emphasise the best features of your property.

Want to see some of these Colorbond fence colours in action? Check out these different designs.


Another modern innovation from Colorbond, Ironstone is a rich dark done that is, ‘Inspired by the purple-grey hues of distant mountains.’ This makes the colour ideal for properties made up of darker, more subdued colours, where the purple-grey hues will nicely complement the more ‘mature’ atmosphere.

Similar to Monument, Ironstone is a new direction for Colorbond, yet one that has proven to be popular with home owners in the outer suburbs and the inner city.

Shale Grey®

Colorbond has a few interesting takes on classic grey, and Shale Grey is certainly one of them. Featuring a bold yet subdued grey tone, which is self-described to evoke the ‘Gulf coast mud plains, (and) pale grey pebbles reflecting in the sun…’ the colour is an ideal choice for modern homes located near the beachside or the mountain ranges. In particular, those that prefer a more subtle and subdued look to their home.

These are just some of the many impressive Colorbond fence colours on offer for you. If you’d like to see samples of these colours on our website, view the range of colours.

And if you’d like to see these colour samples in-person, contact us today. Our team will be happy to visit you onsite and help you choose the best colour for your new Colorbond fence. 

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