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What Are the Standard Requirements for Glass Fencing?

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Standard requirements for glass fencing

At Dunn & Farrugia, we provide safe and reliable products to keep the outdoor living space secure and give customers the peace of mind knowing they’re compliant with Australian Standards.

This article will serve as a guide to help you understand the standard requirements for glass fencing. A certified fence installer can also provide tailored advice and support specific to your requirements.

Australian Standards

If your swimming pool or spa is deeper than 300mm, you must have a safety barrier to prevent unwanted access from pets, children and others who may be vulnerable. In regards to glass barriers, they must satisfy certain building requirements and safety standards outside of traditional pool fencing:

Pool Fencing Height and Access

In Australia, glass pool fencing must be at least 1200mm in height and gaps must be less than 100mm.

While glass pool fencing has no footholds for people to climb on, you should be sure the structure is not built near objects that may be used for this purpose. For example, nearby rocks, taps, surface elevations, pot plants and tree branches.

According to standard requirements for glass fencing, barriers must be at least 900mm away from objects that can be climbed. For peace of mind, your licensed installer will advise you on the best solution to minimise the risk of unwanted entry.

Pool Gates and Latches

All pool gates must provide safe access and reduce the risk of unwanted entry.

The following requirements must be met to comply with Australian Standards:

Compliance Certificates

A Compliance Certificate confirms that your swimming pool has been inspected and confirmed for safe use. Inspections can be performed by a local council member or accredited certifiers.

At Dunn & Farrugia, we’re licensed certifiers who take the hassle out of certifying your outdoor pool. After your glass fence is installed simply provide your name, address, type of fence, and proof of purchase – let us take care of the rest.

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