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What’s the Difference Between Australian Made and Imported Colorbond®?

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Difference Between Australian Made and Imported Colorbond

When it comes to having a boundary fence, you want an outdoor feature that looks impressive, can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, and increases the value of your property investment.

But can a cheaper alternative offer the same level of quality and assurance you get with an Australian made COLORBOND® steel product?

Let’s take a look at a few factors to consider when choosing a boundary fence for your property.

Tested in Australian Conditions

In Australia, our buildings face some pretty rough conditions.

Extreme wind, hail and rainfall. Tropical storms, dust and if you live near the coast, high levels of atmospheric corrosion. With all the different conditions our buildings are exposed to will that cheaper, imported steel handle it?

For over 50 years, COLORBOND® steel has been exposed to a variety of outdoor conditions at testing sites across Australia. And undergone accelerated durability testing in controlled laboratory settings. By exposing each product to severe tropical, marine and industrial environments, they’re guaranteed to be suitable for use in a range of building applications and meet the Australian Standard AS2728.

This guarantee only comes with an Australian made COLORBOND® steel product.

Long-Lasting Quality

With their good looks and proven durability, COLORBOND® steel products are designed to maintain their bold colour, structural integrity and corrosion-free appearance.

While an imported product may look good for the first few years of its life, you’ll begin to see signs of wear-and-tear such as colour fading, rust seeping into the panels, and possibly warping resulting in a loss of structural integrity.

With proper care and due diligence, your Australian made Colorbond® steel product will continue to impress and preserve the ‘like new’ appearance for a long time.


As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of pre-painted steel, BlueScope offers a range of warranties subject to the companies own criteria for each product.

How does BlueScope know which kind of warranty to give you?

By going to their website, you can choose the BlueScope steel product you wish to install along with its overall size and level of exposure to marine conditions. The website will review your specifications and provide an estimated years of coverage for your warranty.

If you choose an imported steel product, you may not receive the same level of care and peace of mind. The warranty may have certain exclusions that could leave you liable for the cost of certain kinds of damage, or it may be limited to only a few years – unlike BlueScope steel which has up to a 10 year warranty.

For more information about Colorbond® steel boundary fencing, call (02) 4731 6974 or request a quote for FREE advice on the best product for your location at incredible value to you.

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