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Boundary Fencing

ColorMAX® manufactured from COLORBOND® Steel

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Boundary Fencing manufactured from COLORBOND® Steel

Whether you want to define the border between you and a neighbour, reduce traffic noise, wind, and sunlight… enjoy greater privacy… secure the premise … or boost the value of your property… a ColorMAX® boundary fence manufactured from COLORBOND® steel is the ideal solution.

Why? Because they’re strong, attractive, and easy to maintain. They come in a wide range of colours and decorative profiles. And they look fantastic on both sides of the property. So both you and your neighbours will be impressed by their good looks. Better still, you only need to wipe down the panels to preserve their appearance – no need to re-brush or repaint!

Best of all? Your purchase is backed by the strength of own exclusive workmanship guarantee and a 10 year BlueScope Steel Warranty.

Whether you have a classic or contemporary outdoor space, your boundary fence will appear as a natural extension of the premise.

That’s because you have the freedom to express yourself with a range of customisation options. Give your boundary fence a personal touch with the following design options:


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Made from quality COLORBOND® steel, which has been tested for over 50 years in a variety of harsh conditions around Australia, your boundary fence is guaranteed to stand tall and look stunning. What makes COLORBOND® steel so tough? The difference lies in the 5 layers of hard-wearing protection. These components are made up of a:
  1. Structural steel core made to comply with Australian Standards AS 1397
  2. Layer of Activate™ metallic coating to provide superior anti-corrosive performance
  3. Thin pre-treatment layer to enhance the adhesion of further coatings
  4. Polyester primer baked onto the surface
  5. Topcoat specially derived from exterior-grade, lead-free paint for enhanced resistance to chipping, peeling, and cracking.
Together, these elements form a highly durable layer unmatched by other similar products on the market. As a result, you have total peace of mind knowing your boundary fence is guaranteed to last.

WALLMax® for Boundary Fencing

WALLMax® Panel Wall Fencing is a modular panel set between large pillar style posts with cappings, fabricated from strong corrosion resistant aluminium.

WALLMax® is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Being both sturdy and stylish this wall also offers a unique sound barrier between neighbours or commercial situations.

WALLMax® offers prestige styling, privacy and a very cost effective solution for sound control. The panels can be finished with a variety of coatings and unlimited colours.

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