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Glass Fencing

Framed, Semi-Framed or Frameless, Glass Fencing is the latest look for your pool or balcony! A fence that doesn’t fence you in! Enjoy your view with the confidence of safety. Allow your pool or view to be the feature, not the fence.

Dunn & Farrugia offer two styles to choose from. POOLCLAMP™ with its rounded design and unique wedge system to secure the glass or Diamond Spigot which has an attractive edged design and utilises stainless steel grub screws to secure the glass.

POOLCLAMP is a trademark name that currently incorporates two clamping systems for 12mm free-standing toughened glass. It is specifically designed for frameless pool fencing and semi frameless balcony balustrading.

43 years of industry experience and a lot of hard work has gone into the design and time saving concepts incorporated into POOLCLAMP™. The end result amounts to significant cost savings to the customer and tradesman alike.

POOLCLAMP™ is not a copy, it is an innovation. It is not often that new products come along that can successfully combine boutique and budget. At Dunn & Farrugia we are proud of our commitment to excellence and confidence that we are designing products that are truly unique.

The latest design from Dunn & Farrugia, these stainless steel pool clamps are made from a stronger and a much more corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy than 316.


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Engineering Compliance

The Australian standard AS 1288 for “Glass in Buildings” had a major overhaul with the results gazetted in 2006. These changes have dramatically altered the parameters for frameless glass fencing systems.

The design of POOLCLAMP™ has pre empted these changes to incorporate all the requirements of the new standards. Maximum sheet size using 2 clamps is 1800 x 1200 mm.

Duplex 2205 Frameless Glass Pool Fence Spigot.

An attractive diamond edged design from Dunn & Farrugia, these stainless steel spigots are made from a stronger and much more corrosion resistant steel alloy than 316.

Installation Options

Both POOLCLAMP™ and Diamond Spigot can be installed into concrete or onto timber or steel. There are various methods available including core drilling and flange plates. Cover plates are available for both systems.

These new POOLCLAMPS™, or Spigots have been designed specifically for pool fencing and with faster installation in mind. You can carry the glass straight from the truck and place it directly in position which means no double handling of glass. The concept employs a tough nylon wedging system or for Diamond Spigots, stainless steel grub screws which makes securing the glass even.

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