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Dunn & Farrugia Fencing and Gates

Colorbond Fences For Capalaba

With over 50 years of testing, Colorbond steel is proven to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. Our Colorbond fences are anti-corrosive, termite resistant and come with a 10 year Bluescope Steel Warranty. They’re proven to reduce the progress of fires, which helps protect your home during bushfire season. Our Colorbond Fences keep Capalaba properties safe all year round.

Looking to personalise your home or commercial property? We have 21 designer colours to choose from. They’re specifically chosen to complement the Australian outdoors and features a range of cool, warm and subtle tones. Your outdoor area will look stunning no matter what colour you choose.

Request a FREE quote today by contacting (07) 3275 3700 or fill out our online contact form. Enquire about our Colorbond Fencing in Capalaba at ro@dunnandfarrugia.com.au

50 Years of Testing Colorbond Steel

Colorbond steel is protected by 4 layers of coating treatment. These layers enhance the steels’ anti-corrosive performance and protection against chipping, cracking and peeling. Your Colorbond fence will maintain its pristine finish all year round. So you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the outdoors!

Do you live near the coastal waters of Queensland? Atmospheric corrosion can greatly affect the quality of steel or aluminium fences – sometimes in just less than a year. Thanks to our enhanced metallic coating, your fence will look fresh through the toughest conditions.

Our Colorbond fences and gates are available in ColorMAX Reflect or original. ColorMax Reflect is unique for its double-sided design, which replicates the same panel style on both sides.

Colorbond Fences Capalaba

Decorative Features

Even if security is your primary concern, you don’t have to settle for an ordinary looking boundary fence. You can personalise the look of your fence with a range of styles. From upper slats to 3D Lattice & Ball Caps, we guarantee you’ll find something to make your property complete.

Not sure which colours is right for you? It can be tricky deciding from our range of 21 designer colours. To make this decision easier, we offer sample palettes to help you choose the right style. You can request samples from your ColorMAX distributor to see our range of swatches.

Proudly Supplying Colorbond Fences for Capalaba

Our Colorbond fences are custom-made to meet your lifestyle needs. Whether you’re running a business, building your first home or looking to upgrade – we have a range of solutions to enhance your property.

Dunn & Farrugia are the leading manufacturer of fencing and outdoor security solutions. We’re available 7am – 4pm, Monday to Friday for inspections and installations.

Request a FREE quote from us by contacting (07) 3275 3700 or fill out our online contact form. For all other enquiries about our Colorbond Fencing in Capalaba, contact ro@dunnandfarrugia.com.au.


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